Discover Your Dharma by Sahara Rose: Spiritual, Strategic and Delicious!

Discover Your Dharma is one of the most incredible books I’ve read on discovering one’s life’s work.

Sahara presents an exceptional mix of spiritual and strategic perspectives, in this book. It’s uplifting and inspires you to live your highest truth.

As a young millennial Sahara brings a fresh and fun perspective that’s relatable. At the same time she shares deep wisdom like an old sage. Complex concepts are made amazingly simple to understand, absorb and apply.

Company of One: A fascinating perspective on running a small & profitable business

Company of One is one of the most remarkable business books I’ve read in a long time.

Paul Jarvis questions the traditional definitions of success and growth, in this book. He presents a refreshing, alternative and at times counterintuitive perspective on building and growing a business.

He brings alive how a highly profitable business can be run with small scale operations, especially in today's digital and automation era.

The extraordinary adventures of an introvert at work

For those of you who know me, you may recall me as a sociable person & hence an extrovert. But the truth is I'm an introvert - an extreme introvert. Our educational & work culture glorifies & rewards extraversion. In fact these spaces are created for extroverts. Introverts need to bend like a pretzel to fit into these cultures. Sharing my story as an introvert. How I navigated this culture & have now created an introvert-friendly work-life. Hope you enjoy reading it.