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How Do You Handle Time Management?

How Do You Handle Time Management?

Focus On Energy Management
I’ve struggled with time management and productivity for the longest time.

Over the years, I’ve tried out several tools to manage time better. I’ve read books and taken courses to improve my productivity. But with limited success.

In 2018, I was introduced to the concept of energy management by Kate Northrup—the author of Do Less. It turned out to be a game-changer.

I took small steps to prioritize my energy. It was challenging at first, but I improved with practice.

Prioritizing energy management over time management has been one hack that has helped me get more done, quicker.

When I’m well-rested with a good night’s sleep and well-fed with a nourishing meal—it seems like time expands. I’m able to work more efficiently—faster, with no fatigue and little or no mistakes. I get a lot done with less time and effort.

Once I prioritize my energy, I then use time management tools such as task batching, time blocking, and coworking. It works out fabulously!

How Do I Remember What I Read?

How Do I Remember What I Read?

From noticing features of the page to integrating and digesting key points, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are your best tips for remembering what you read?”
• Take Advantage of Digital Notes and Speech-To-Text
• Read Right Before Bed or as Soon as You Wake Up
• Highlight What You Want to Remember in Yellow

Whether you read a novel, a study, or a speech script for a school project, it’s often a good idea to remember some points of reference in the tex
Sampada Chaudhari on Burnout at Work in the Pandemic

How are Indians coping with the ongoing pandemic of burnout?

“We live and work in a culture that’s set up for burnout—a culture that makes little place for rest and relaxation or listening to our body and intuition,” says business and career transition coach Sampada Chaudhari. “We are expected to hustle and grind. We push through long working hours even when our body is screaming and asking us to stop. We caffeinate ourselves, through fatigue and exhaustion, to meet deadlines. Because we believe that working longer hours will lead us to success. After all, that’s what we see ‘successful’ people do.”

Struggling in the hustle & grind culture? Take the first step out by redefining what success means to you. Begin here.