Coaching Programmes

Coaching Programme's by Sampada Chaudhari

I offer coaching with individual, 1-on-1 sessions delivered online via video calls.

Booking process

1. Write to me via email at with your career concerns. I will connect with you and ascertain if your requirement is a fit with the work I do. If there’s a fit, we move to the next step.

2. Book a consultation with me. 

3. In the consultation I will take you through a customised programme for you. 

4. If you feel the programme is a fit, you can sign up for it.


Discover Your Brand New Career

Feeling stagnant or stuck in your career? 

Has your job or business run its course? 

You want to do meaningful work but not sure what it would look like?

Here’s your chance to discover potential career paths. In this programme we:  

  • Deep dive into your dreams, desires & aspirations to envision the work-life you’d love to create. 
  • Ascertain your gifts, skills and talents. 
  • Strengthen your self-awareness - know what motivates you, makes you unique and puts you in a flow. 
  • Factor in your life stage, responsibilities and must-haves. 

At the end of the programme, you’ll have a potential career path that brings you meaning and joy. You may choose to pursue it as a side hustle or a full-time career. 

Programme Details

Number of sessions: 5 delivered over 1.5-2 months

Duration of each session: 2.5 hours 

Delivery method: Online video coaching

Reboot Your Work

Exhausting work, chasing deadlines don’t feel inspiring?

Long commutes & zoom calls, office politics, sales pressure, competition - don’t make it any better.

Moving jobs hasn’t helped. 

You wish to take a break from this, but it’s not an easy one.

You have a home on mortgage, school fees to pay, a house to run and other financial responsibilities.

In this programme we:

  • Distil the probable causes of your unhappiness and struggle at work.
  • Understand how a capitalist work culture influences your experience and how you can change it.
  • Know how your unique personality impacts your work and how you can shine your strengths.
  • Design a roadmap to create a nourishing work experience.

Programme Details:

Number of sessions: 5-6 delivered over 1.5-2 months

Duration of each session: 2.5 hours

Delivery method: Online video coaching

Manifest with Vision Boards

Excited and looking forward to setting up your goals, dreams and desires?

Feel charged up to draw a plan to make it happen?

A vision board is a powerful tool to say yes to your dreams and goals.

It gives your dreams a home to come alive and manifest.

In this programme you get:

  • Step-by-step techniques to dig deep into your aspirations, dreams and goals.
  • A clear vision for the ideal work and life you want.
  • Courage, clarity and confidence to declare the life you desire to create.
  • Guidance to create a power-packed vision board to help you achieve your goals.

Programme Details:

Number of session(s): 1 

Duration of session: 2.5 hours

Delivery method: Online video coaching